If you’re going to make an inflammatory post generalizing about other people’s body size and their supposed “health,” the first thing you should do is figure out why you’re a miserable, hateful person, and secondly, why the fuck you care that deeply about anyone else’s weight


Tanya Dziahileva Backstage Sonia Rykiel 

So basically “a birthday is like any other day” because I’m depressed huge and clothes don’t fit me

The pants I got for my birthday won’t even fit over my calves so yeah

How is that we maintain rape and abuse happen literally ALL THE TIME (and we have more than enough statistical data to prove it) but when anyone comes forward they ALWAYS get accused of lying….. It’s virtually impossible that the majority of victims are lying. So maybe just stop trying to defend violent attackers your whole miserable life??? Please???

It’s really laughable how quick people are to defend domestic abuse when it’s done by attractive actors and by laughable I mean absolutely sickening

da fuck man i feel like a ton of shit went down while i was gone??? meanwhile i am still fat miserable and in a rut. i know no one asked. but yeah.